What Was Steve Jobs' Net Worth At The Time Of His Death?

Though he could be something of a terrible person, few people bother trying to deny that Steve Jobs ushered in a whole new age of information technology. Before his untimely death, he introduced the world to brand new wonders such as iPads, iPhones and iPods, and his company to countless millions of sheer cash revenue.

But how much did this earn Jobs himself? It seems pretty obvious that the guy probably had more than a few bucks in his bank account, but seeing as we're talking about a pioneer of technology, it's anyone's guess precisely how much money he had, say, at the time of his death. Let's find out!

The ten billion dollar man

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a man of his stature and influence, Steve Jobs was a billionaire many times over. While his net worth isn't even close to his frenemy Bill Gates, who Forbes places at around $112 billion as of February 2020, the Apple man wasn't exactly short of petty cash: As Celebrity Net Worth tells us, Jobs' estimated net worth at the time of his death was no less than $10.2 billion. As a shrewd businessman with an eye for branding, it's no surprise that Jobs was able to amass a significant fortune, considering where he worked and what he brought in the game. Apart from his broad career achievements (co-founder and CEO of Apple, one-time Chief Executive of Pixar), he contributed to his company's success and the history of computers with a vast variety of personal touches: He came up with the name Apple, oversaw Pixar turning into the Toy Story-driven powerhouse it became, returned to rescue his former company from the throes of bankruptcy, and guided them into a world-changing string of technological success stories, such as the iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, AppleTV ... you get the idea.

One might argue that should Jobs have been able to live longer, his net worth might be something entirely different (and likely much larger). As Inc. tells us, Jobs might have been a relatively spry 56 years old when he died, but his brain was reportedly only 27 — so it stands to reason that the man might have had a few other Apple-themed iTricks up his sleeve.