Here's How Much Money Elon Musk Has Lost During The Pandemic

Elon Musk has opinions. Aside from making the world run on triple-As and confusing aliens by shooting cars into space, it's kind of his big thing. Recently, the Tesla founder expressed his opinions about the current coronavirus pandemic on Twitter. He thinks that it's, and this is a quote, "dumb."

How dumb? Well, that's a matter of perspective. Elon Musk himself went on to say that the "Virality of C19 is overstated due to conflating diagnosis date with contraction date & over-extrapolating exponential growth, which is never what happens in reality. Keep extrapolating & virus will exceed mass of known universe," which, you know, yeah. We are all idiots. If you keep throwing bocce balls at Cybertruck windows for long enough, eventually there won't be any more Cybertruck windows. We all get that nothing lasts forever. We digress.

If you ask Elon Musk's bank account during the COVID-19 stock market crash, it's probably, like, even dumber than that.

Shattering losses

Forbes reports that Elon Musk's personal net worth took an estimated hit of $5.5 billion during the market crash, representing an 18% loss, all during the week following March 6th. This left Musk with an estimated $31 billion. Tesla took one across the jaw, too, with shares dropping 22%.

Since then, Musk appears to have shifted his world perspective. On March 22nd, the Seattle Times reported that the 48-year-old billionaire's company made a surprise donation of 50,000 N95 masks to infectious disease researchers at University of Washington Medicine. He also noted via Twitter that around 1,200 new ventilators would be donated to hospitals in the coming weeks. Disappointingly absent were any plans to create a microscopic submarine in a Hail Mary pass at curing the novel coronavirus Fantastic Voyage-style, but tomorrow is a new day full of exciting new possibilities, so remember to try and keep your chin up.