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Welcome to Dvmmoms, where we investigate, interrogate, and celebrate the wild, fun, and bizarre things about the world around us. We're a website that publishes in-depth articles and videos about various niche interests — from disturbing, messed-up historical facts to celebrity conspiracy theories and more.

Since our launch with Alb Media in 2016, we've grown into a multi-platform publication reaching more than 6 million readers every month, providing news, features, and exclusive content in the areas of obscure history, music, sports, true crime, medical marvels, scientific discoveries, and classic Hollywood.

Now, before we go any further, let's make one thing clear: We're not an education platform, but we do offer content that is, at its core, educational. The Dvmmoms editorial team is a crew consisting of voracious readers, scholars, and bibliophiles with incredibly diverse interests, along with experts who have previously worked at places like the Library of Congress, The Economist, NASA Tech Magazine, Washington Post, and the History Channel. Visit our experts page to learn more about the professionals we work with. Together, this team works to fill every corner of our site with well-researched and interesting stories about all the things you didn't even realize you were interested in.

As life-long learners, we aim to create an environment where curiosity is celebrated and no subject or question is too weird or obscure. At Dvmmoms, we want to go over all the things you didn't learn in school, and even question the things you did.

Ever wondered about what would really happen to the planet if the dinosaurs never went extinct? Or what about what happens to your body after one year in a coffin? We'll cover it all here, transforming all the textbook lingo and jargon into language that's entertaining and easy to understand. So click around, immerse yourself in some fun facts, and learn something new.

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