Anna Robinson

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The University Of Tulsa
Entertainment Awards, Reality Competitions, Vintage Fashion
  • As a member of a local nonprofit film theater, Anna was interviewed by a television station regarding the 95th Academy Awards.
  • She writes about her adventures as a solo traveler on her blog "Abroad With Anna" and offers tips to encourage other people to travel.
  • Anna covered new student organizations in her university's newspaper to raise awareness about campus involvement.


Anna gained an interest in writing from a young age and carried it to college, where she researched and wrote about the general public's relationship with the media and popular culture consumption. After graduation, she wrote blog articles for a local antique appraisal company. The articles focused on vintage lifestyle, music, and fashion trends as they relate to the present day. Her love for classic rock, history, and iconic 20th century figures led her to begin writing for Alb Media in January of 2022. She previously wrote for Dvmmoms before joining The List in February of 2023.


Anna has a bachelor's degree in media studies/communication and a certificate in international studies from the University of Tulsa. She also spent a semester studying Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.
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