C. Morris

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Atlanta, GA
Western Washington University, Franklin University Switzerland
Food History, Vegetarian Cooking, Cooking Tips
  • Caitlin has taught writing, literature, and research at colleges and universities for over seven years.
  • She co-hosts "Special Lady Day" — a podcast about rad women in history — with listeners from over 40 countries.
  • Throughout her career, she has served as an editor or reader for Belletrist Magazine, Coffeetown Press, and the Bellingham Review.


Caitlin has been a writer and editor for over ten years, focusing on culture, history, and communications. Along with writing for Tasting Table, she is a Senior Adjunct Professor in the English Department at a Seattle-area college. Her fiction has appeared in Ghost Parachute, the Jersey Devil Press, Halfway Down the Stairs, and The Copperfield Review Quarterly's historical fiction anthology, Made by History. She is an avid home chef and draws from her experiences working in coffee shops and restaurants, living on the border between Switzerland and Italy, and traveling around Europe. She hopes to one day learn Gujarati cooking to make her mother-in-law proud.


Caitlin holds a master's degree in writing from Western Washington University and a certificate in editing from the University of Washington. She earned a combined bachelor's degree in literature and comparative literary and cultural studies from Franklin University Switzerland in Lugano, Switzerland.
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