Cody Copeland

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Mexico City, Mexico
Texas Tech
History, Pro Wrestling, True Crime, Music
  • Cody has written academic essays for reference material publisher Thomas Riggs & Co., focusing primarily on history, literature, and author biographies. His historical writing has also appeared on the blog of Lapham's Quarterly. Furthermore, much of the work for his guidebook to Oaxaca involved intensive historical research of the region.
  • He has translated and written news for the website Mexico News Daily, the leading source of English-language news in the country.
  • His book Moon Oaxaca, a 400-page full-color guidebook to the Mexican state of Oaxaca, was published in May 2020.


Cody Copeland is a freelance writer based in Mexico City. He writes about history, pop culture, music, and anything weird for He has written historical essays for Lapham's Quarterly, profiles of UFO searchers for The Guardian, and investigations of "honey launderers" for Business Insider — the perfect background for the editorial tone at Dvmmoms.


Cody studied creative writing at Texas Tech University. He also studied Spanish, becoming fluent and leading to work as a translator, bilingual educator, and a life in Mexico.
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