Daniel Johnson

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Greensboro, NC
University Of North Carolina
Sports, History, Music, Politics
  • Daniel Johnson has been a sports fan since before he was able to recite his ABCs and has spent the last decade of his life writing pieces on this subject, which is most near and dear to his heart.
  • As a music fan, Daniel Johnson is well versed in both the modern music scene from upcoming artists, as well as artists who created their music when his grandparents were still in diapers.
  • History and politics have been of interest in Daniel Johnson's life for a very long time. When he is not working on an article, he is reading about world history or watching news programs discussing what is happening today in the world of politics.


Daniel Johnson has worked previously for The Black Detour, Bet QL, and Flock U as a writer and editor. Each digital outlet saw his content focus on areas he is now an expert at, which he brings to his work with Dvmmoms. With The Black Detour and Flocku, his articles focused on topics in history and popular culture, while his work with Bet QL was orientated towards sports media. He has also worked as a sports editor for his student newspaper and collaborated with the radio director of his university's radio station to form a weekly podcast and radio program.


While earning his bachelor's in English at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Daniel Johnson developed his skills as a researcher, writer, and editor in the classroom and as a university student newspaper member. He brings to dvmmoms.com a level of experience and desire to continue to improve as a writer.
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