David Perry

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New York, NY
Susquehanna University
History, Culture, Science, Entertainment
  • David got his science experience at the top: NASA. As an assistant editor for NASA Tech Magazine, he profiled the latest technologies developed by NASA scientists for civilian use, from micro-satellites to servomotors.
  • An avid world traveler, and having lived in Japan, Iran, the UK, and the United States, David experienced radically different cultures firsthand. Hailed as one of the best LGBTQ travel writers in the US, he delves into the intricacies of world cultures, both the high points and the pitfalls, with a steady hand.
  • Ironically, it was by not being particularly interested in the cult of celebrity that made David a respected entertainment writer. With a polite curiosity, he treats his subjects as ordinary people with fascinating jobs, to the betterment of the interview.


With 20 years under his editorial belt, David is a respected culture, spirits, and science writer. Published in WSJ Magazine, BBC Science and Travel, Thrillist, and even NASA, he is also an LGBTQ influencer on Instagram. He is, in fact, praised by Instinct Magazine as one of the best gay travel writers in the industry. "Letting the story tell the story" is his journalistic mantra; he forgoes hyperbole and sensationalism to get at the real truth.


Graduating with a B.A. in English from Susquehanna University, David credits the university's open-minded values to see all sides of an issue. It makes for a well-rounded and unbiased article.
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