Elizabeth Rayne

Photo of Elizabeth Rayne
New York City
Fairfield University, Fordham University
Science, Literature, Movies
  • Elizabeth has been a professional writer since 2011.
  • She can go from science to science fiction and vice versa, covering everything from comic cons to rocket launches.
  • She is also a fiction writer and has published some short stories and poems on the edge of sci-fi and horror.


Elizabeth has been a professional writer for over a decade. After starting out as a copywriter who used her vacation days to go to conventions rather than resorts, wishing she could be one of the writers on the other side, she later became one, writing for SYFY WIRE and Den of Geek. She has now covered everything from cons such as SDCC and NYCC to rocket launches, most notably the launch of Lucy, which is the first spacecraft to ever venture out to the Trojan asteroids. Elizabeth was able to interview scientists from institutions such as NASA, SwRI, ESA, the Max Planck Institute, and many more. She has also published short stories and poems in weird fiction magazine Forbidden Futures. She idolizes Anne Rice and is owned by a talking parrot named Lestat who thinks he's an actual vampire.


Elizabeth holds a bachelor's degree in English from Fairfield University and a master's in English writing from Fordham University.
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