Gabriela L. Laracca

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New Jersey
Kutztown University, Rutgers University
Arts And Entertainment, Video Games, Outdoor Activities
  • Gabriela has been reporting for over a decade across a large array of genres and beats, including arts and entertainment, features, news, politics, travel, local events, and more.
  • Those around her have always known her as the talkative, human encyclopedia of weird facts and historical knowledge; basically, if it's uselessly interesting, odds are, she knows everything about it.
  • She has obtained multiple media-related degrees, helping her hone in on her story-telling abilities and awareness of what sparks interest and inspiration.


Gabriela L. Laracca has been reporting for over a decade. The flame was sparked back in 2010 when she began writing as a student reporter, and she has been covering an array of beats — from news to entertainment and features to travel in publications across New Jersey and Pennsylvania — ever since. She carries an overwhelming passion for entertainment, culture, nature, and some things that are not so natural ... like oddities, state cryptids, and other things that go bump in the night. Regardless of the topic, she is delighted to bring her encyclopedic knowledge of weird facts to readers.


Gabriela L. Laracca began her academic journey at Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, where she studied professional writing with a minor in literature and a concentration in journalism. She then graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with a master's degree in media and communication and a specialization in digital media, training her to become the all-around multimedia professional she is today.
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