Genci Papraniku

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University Of Memphis
American & World History, Comic Books, Combat Sports
  • Genci Papraniku has been writing for Dvmmoms since 2022.
  • As an addict for anything comic book-related, he loves consuming any type of media related to superheroes, especially Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and Captain America.
  • An absolute nerd for combat sports and fantasy, Genci spends an absurd amount of time rewatching Muhammad Ali bouts and "Game of Thrones" episodes.


Genci Papraniku has been editing and writing in various roles for the last six years. After publishing his first short story in a local college magazine, he was able to put his writing expertise to use by tutoring fellow university students. After graduating, he continued to teach writing as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kosovo for two years. Genci spent 2021 to 2022 working as an editor and writer for Sportskeeda, covering combat sports and WWE news, in addition to working as a private English tutor online. He spent six months training in Muay Thai in Thailand. In his spare time, Genci enjoys writing fiction and poetry.


Genci double majored in creative writing and history and earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Memphis in 2017. During his workshop-heavy course load, he studied under established authors such as Sarai Walker and Cary Holladay.
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