Jeff Somers

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Hoboken, NJ
Rutgers University
American History, 19th & 20th Century Literature, Fiction And Freelance Writing
  • Drawing on his knowledge of history, Jeff co-wrote a comic book about a group of people who slide into an alternate dimension where the Aztec Empire never fell called "Sliders: Blood and Splendor," published by Acclaim Comics in 1996.
  • Jeff Somers' short story "Ringing the Changes" was included in "Best American Mystery Stories 2006," edited by Scott Turow.
  • Obsessed with history but also deeply creative, Jeff has read so many historical fiction novels he fears he's blurred the line between reality and a really good plot twist involving 19th century technology.


Jeff Somers has been writing professionally on a wide range of topics for more than a decade. He's been a Contributing Editor at Writer's Digest Magazine since 2016. His work has appeared there as well as on the Barnes & Noble Book Blog, Lifehacker, Bookbub, and Thrillest, and he reviews books from independent publishers professionally. A history minor in college, his reading list is still populated with books on history, historical fiction, and biographies of fascinating people, making him both a formidable trivia team member and a writer who can deep dive into topics ranging from famous battles to the scandalous lives of roaring twenties movie stars. Jeff's first novel, "Lifers," was published in 2001, and his most recent book, "Writing Without Rules" was published by Writer's Digest Books and covers the craft and business sides of professional writing.


Graduating with a Bachelor's in English from Rutgers University, Jeff Somers minored in history and continues his education through reading on a constant basis. His combination of writing skill and infinite curiosity makes him the ideal writer to explore the nooks and crannies of history that are often overlooked.
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