Josh Cook

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Detroit, Michigan
Oakland University
Sleight Of Hand, Esoteric History, Playing Harmonium
  • For years, Josh worked at Mayflower Bookshop in Berkley, Michigan, under the tutelage of Robert Thibodeau, who was the spiritual advisor and astrological consultant for groups like Pearl Jam, Grateful Dead, and ZZ Top, and was also a regular guest on the Howard Stern show. Josh became close with Robert and absorbed a level of occult knowledge that only a friend of Philip Glass could pass on through pages and poems.
  • He has studied eastern traditions and and is a student of asana and sadhana, studying with Bhakta Das (BD), a Michigan yoga studio owner who was tied into the Kirtan community. Josh has also studied the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, attending multiple weekend silent meditation retreats around the states.
  • Josh currently runs a Michigan-based podcast that covers the music, entrepreneurship, and art between Flint and Detroit. Ranging from interviews to weekly discussions with familiar cohosts, the content spans from underground hip-hop to heavy metal happening in the Michigan scene.


Josh is co-founder of Source-Reality, a company that brings together spirituality, bodywork, and information pertaining to the occult. Through his work there, he has toured around the country leading workshops at multiple music and art festivals. After graduating from Oakland University, he worked as a writer and editor for Federal Benefits Service, a verified vendor of the federal government dedicated to helping federal employees understand their retirement benefits. Today, he still writes but is also a practicing and performing magician. When he is not testing out new tricks on his bar guests at a Food Network featured joint, he is performing for private, oftentimes walk-around events in the metro Detroit area.


Josh has a bachelor's degree in English and a minor in history from Oakland University.
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