Lynnette Southwood

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Aurora, CO
Community College Of Denver
Politics, Social Commentary, Current Events, Fashion & Beauty
  • Creative thinker
  • Analytical
  • Scholar


Lynnette Southwood is a straightforward logophile who realized her writing potential when, as the Features editor for CCD's Prospector, her tendency to tackle controversial topics routinely provoked detractors. Deciding to use her powers for good, she is especially passionate about current events, politics, social commentary, fashion & beauty, and a teensy bit of gossip.
For over 20 years, the Colorado native has contributed to several online publications and platforms including Yahoo Voices, Examiner, Gather, Skyword, Rev Captioning, and The Inquisitr. Lynnette's accolades include an Honorable Mention for Special Section/Supplement: "Rape Trials", and 2nd place for Best Newspaper Editorial: "Skinny" from the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Media Association. In her spare time, she writes for her blog, StylEnigma, a Beauty, Style, and Life blog.


Lynnette has an A.A. in Literature from the Community College of Denver. She has always appreciated literature as an art form and educator.
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