Michele Gama Sosa

Photo of Michele Gama Sosa
Berries Springs, MI
Yale University, University Of Chicago
Ancient Middle East History, Christianity And Church History, Indo-European Languages
  • In 2020, Michele finished a dissertation on how the Trojan War might have actually happened historically — no mean feat considering there are barely any texts.
  • Michele's blog "Hidden Gems of History" discusses little known events, languages, and people that give our world its diversity and flavor — like the Dalmatian language, or Christianity in China in 800 AD.
  • Language study is key to providing perspectives and material otherwise unknown to English speakers — and that's why Michele has endeavored to learn the languages of his primary interests, especially in Eastern Europe and the Romance-speaking world.


Michele has worked as a writer since finishing graduate school. His expertise is primarily in the Bronze Age Mediterranean, with a focus on the Hittite Empire. However, his interests extend into other historical fields, particularly the history of Christianity, linguistics, Romance languages, and Eastern Europe. His training as a historian is particularly relevant for weaving different threads together to form a coherent picture to explain how the past influences our present world and why it matters.


Michele earned a B.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Yale University in 2014 and a Ph.D. in Near Eastern History from the University of Chicago in 2020.
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