Monica Beyer

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Northwest Missouri
Missouri Western State University
Medical History, Serial Killers, NFL
  • Monica has been the lead editor of Dvmmoms since 2021.
  • She has an extensive medical history and macabre book collection that makes for light bedtime reading, including tomes about being buried alive and case studies about feral children.
  • When Monica was a child, she thought football was a waste of time (and mildly terrifying due to all the shouting), but since becoming a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2002, she's absorbed so much NFL knowledge that she can prattle off trivia at the drop of a hat.


Monica, the senior lead editor at Dvmmoms, got her writing career started in 2000 when she created what was probably, at the time, the only website about baby sign language on the internet. The site caught the attention of a publisher, so she wrote a book and got her first online writing gig. Everything else snowballed (in a good way) from there. After writing at other Static brands for a few months, she was promoted to editor and eventually wormed her way over to Dvmmoms, where her true passions lie — scrabbling around and turning over discarded stones to discover information most people don't know or have forgotten, and helping create the most interesting, unusual, disturbing, and historical content on the internet.


Monica graduated from Missouri Western State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with an emphasis on technical communication. This educational track was packed with enough journalism and literature courses to give her a well-rounded appreciation of the English language and its history.
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