S. Flannagan

Photo of S. Flannagan
Berlin, Germany
FU Berlin
Avant-Garde Literature, British Post-Punk, The Brexit Fallout
  • S. Flannagan's first academic conference was on the modernist credentials of the British art-punk group The Fall.
  • He managed to write a first-class M.A. thesis during the first Covid-19 lockdown.
  • He has written the definitive article on who invented punk for Dvmmoms.


After contributing writing to a number of small music magazines in the U.K., S. Flannagan relocated to Germany, where he crafted copy for food and travel start-ups in Berlin. He also returned to academia in the city, continuing to work as a copywriter while studying. He has presented academic research at a number of conferences around Europe focusing on Irish metafiction and the parallels between post-punk aesthetics and those of literary modernism.


S. Flannagan holds a B.A. in English language and literature and an M.A. in English literature, language, and culture, with experience in examining popular music through the lens of literary criticism.
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