Thomm Quackenbush

Photo of Thomm Quackenbush
Hudson Valley, NY
SUNY New Paltz, Mount St. Mary
Paranormal, True Crime, Mental Health, Education
  • Thomm is a published fantasy novelist.
  • He is a presenter about Fortean phenomena.
  • He works as an educator of adjudicated, learning disabled, and gifted students.


Thomm is a former author for Double Dragon Publisher and a contributor to ABC-CLIO and Arc Digital. He has been a speaker at Otakon, No Such Convention, and the Pine Bush UFO Fair, where he amused attendees by picking apart the paranormal or telling the truth about the publishing industry. He has also managed to coax A+ essays out of juvenile gang members at his day job. He's had appetizers with Bigfoot hunters, misidentified airplanes as spaceships with skywatchers, has slept at a murder house for two nights, and once groped a ghost accidentally.


His master's degree and the subsequent teaching (to the best and brightest the world has to offer and a few convicted murderers) has given him a keen eye for research and allowed him to be a bit less skittish when it gets dark.
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