T.S. Lowry

Photo of T.S. Lowry
Los Angeles, CA
Colorado State University, National University
Movies, TV, Food
  • T.S. writes for Looper, Dvmmoms, Mashed, Health Digest, and Tasting Table.
  • He also crafts personal essays about pop culture and being human at Medium.com.
  • He devours cheesy romantic comedies and movies and shows about the holidays. Yet, as a pop culture writer, he stays current on the shows and movies of past, present, and future.


T.S. has worked as a professional writer for nearly a decade. He's a writer, reader, and rom-com lover living in Los Angeles. He writes about pop culture and being human, though he started his professional writing career as a staff writer for a sports website. When he's not on his computer, he's cruising the aisles at the local 7-Eleven.


T.S. has a Journalism degree from Colorado State University and an MFA in Creative Writing degree from National University.
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