William Kennedy

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Eugene, OR
Lane Community College
British Royal History, UK Indie Music, Film And TV History
  • William is a three-time, top-three finalist in the Eugene Weekly Best of Eugene, best journalist category.
  • In his career as a writer, William has interviewed a number of notable individuals, from acclaimed author and journalist Masha Gessen to influential rock musician Johnny Marr, among others.
  • William is the only writer in the Eugene Weekly's 50 year publication history to ever be named the senior music contributor.


William Kennedy is a full-time freelance content writer and journalist based in Eugene, OR. With over a decade of experience, William covers live music for the Eugene Weekly, where he has also covered arts and culture, food, news, and current events. His writing has appeared on the University of Oregon website and newsletter, in Eugene Magazine, and on Highgroundgaming.com, among other publications. When not working, chances are you can find him with his nose in a book or magazine reading about news, history (especially British and European history), and arts and culture. He lives with his wife, daughter, and two cats who all politely accommodate his obsession with Doctor Who and The New Yorker.


William blends his upbringing in a household valuing literature and language with some college education in media, marketing, writing, and literature, and practical experience as a freelance writer.
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