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1963:  Pop group The Beatles take a bow on stage after performing in the Royal Command Performance at the Prince of Wales Theatre.  (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)
27% Chose This As Their Least Favorite Beatles Album
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While many critics' and fans' lists of the best albums ever recorded frequently include Beatles albums, the polling results were very interesting when Dvmmoms readers were asked to rank their least favorite Beatles albums. “Abbey Road” got the fewest votes at 10.76%, and “Help!” got the second most at 18.75%, but there was a definitive “winner.”
27.18% of Dvmmoms readers selected “Yellow Submarine," the 1969 soundtrack to the animated film of the same name, as their least favorite. The album only has four new tracks, including George’s hastily-written “Only a Northern Song,” alongside previously recorded songs like “All You Need is Love” and the title track.
The song "Yellow Submarine," which has become a signature song of Ringo Starr’s, originally appeared on "Revolver," which many fans and critics have often chosen as one of the band's best albums. The album “Yellow Submarine” may be the Beatles’ least essential, but it’s still a part of their enormous legacy.