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The Largest picture of the day would have to be, "Andre The Giant" 31, the French Wrestler, 7 foot 5 inches and 35 stone. Andre, who visited Australia last year, is here for only one week, and will Wrestle at Flemington Markets tonight. December 02, 1977. (Photo by Antony Matheus Linsen/Fairfax Media via Getty Images).
Andre The Giant’s Tragic Real-Life Story
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Giant Man
While Andre Roussimoff’s daunting dimensions, exceptional strength, and voice that sounded deeper than the ocean became his identity, friends knew him as an affable, patient person. Giants apparently ran in Andre's family, and he was often compared to his paternal grandfather, who supposedly stood at an alpine 7-foot-8.
Giant Struggles
Andre left home at age 14, delved into wrestling at 16, and became the most renowned wrestler on Earth in the 1970s — in 1973 the father of WWE owner Vince McMahon repackaged him as Andre the Giant. However, according to Sports Illustrated's Terry Todd, the tiniest tasks like using a revolving door, using hotel bathrooms, and playing the piano, were enormously difficult for Andre.
Giant Attraction
Andre’s size often made heads turn, and while most people would incessantly ask him about his size out of curiosity, some adults would deliberately be mean to him. However, what made Andre truly sad was the fact that due to his condition — which also caused face disfiguration — children would run from him. “I understand why they do this, but it is a sad feeling for me," Andre once confessed.
Giant Drinking
According to coworkers, Andre’s liver swam in an ocean of booze to the point that the giant racked up a $40,000 hotel bar tab while working on the set of “The Princess Bride.” In an interview, Andre openly admitted to drinking "two or three bottles" of wine with meals and 117 beers in a single night. However, it was presumed that his drinking was linked to him living in pain because of his condition.
Giant Pinned
Andre had never staggered during wrestling matches until he locked horns with Akira Maeda in Japan, where the giant began swaying like a sleepy pendulum before he let Maeda pin him. Some say Andre was soused, and others say he was asked to teach Maeda a lesson, but Ryan Dilbert pointed out that Andre's health had begun deteriorating by that stage of his career.