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(Original Caption) Chicago: Six more bodies have been found under the home of suspected mass murderer John Wayne Gacy, 36, seen in this undated file photo bringing to 15 the total of bodies dug up under his home and garage. Gacy, a convicted sodomist who acted as a partime clown for neighborhood children, is charged with the slaying of a suburban Des Plains youth and is suspected in the sex slayings of as many as 32 young men and boys.
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At first glance, it looks like a normal photograph: former first lady Rosalynn Carter, next to a portly man in a burgundy blazer and a matching tie. However, the tone of the photo takes a turn and your skin may crawl that the man standing next to Carter is none other than notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
Gacy is remembered as one of the worst serial killers in American history, and one thing that made him so terrifying was his ability to craft a facade of normalcy, attending church and performing at charity functions. Gacy was also active in the Chicago-area Democratic Party and it was through that he met the then-first lady Rosalynn Carter.
The photo of Carter and Gacy was taken May 6, 1978 in Chicago, making it even more eerie because Gacy had already killed dozens of boys and young men by that time. It was also confirmed that Carter had autographed the photo of herself and Gacy, writing, "To John Gacy, best wishes, Rosalynn Carter."