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Erik and Lyle Menendez sitting next to each other
Here’s What Happened To The Menendez Brothers' Home
History - Crime
The Menendez brothers were just 18 and 21 years old when they killed their parents in their childhood home. Since then, the property has changed hands multiple times.
The Beverly Hills murder house, 722 North Elm Drive, lost some of its original $4.8 million value. Saddled with an extremely grim history, it first sold for $3,607,975 in 1991.
According to Yahoo, despite the abuse and murders that took place on the property, the Menendez Beverly Hills home has been resold several times.
The house was owned by mystery writer William Link for eight years before being sold to business executive Sam Delug in 2001. In 2023, it was listed on Zillow for over $5 million.
Although many years have passed since the murders, the present owners often deal with curious visitors turning up in their driveway, as it has become a true crime tourist stop.
On the true crime website Morbid Tourism, the house is featured alongside the likes of the Amityville Horror House as a notable spooky location.
A number of YouTubers have also filmed themselves visiting the mansion — most notably Jake Webber, whose driveby visit to the mansion netted him over 1 million views.