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BRONX, NY - MAY 17:  Cassius Clay, 20 year old heavyweight contender from Louisville, Kentucky poses for the camera on May 17, 1962 in Bronx, New York. (Photo by Stanley Weston/Getty Images)
Here's Who Inherited Muhammad Ali's Money After He Died
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The self-crowned greatest of the great, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali seemed to love bad press as much as adoration, and he often attracted both. His personal life was no less tumultuous, as he married four times (twice in the ‘60s) and had a total of nine children.
After Ali’s death in 2016, rumors began to circulate that his nine kids were fighting each other for shares of his estate (estimated to be worth $80 million). Many of them were allegedly enraged that Lonnie Ali, their father’s final wife, had received $12 million, though Mayrum (the firstborn of the Ali children) has disputed such claims about her family’s internal strife.
Whether the rumors are true or not, Lonnie Ali emerges as a central figure in the story of the Ali family. Muhammad Ali’s longtime friend from Louisville, Kentucky, Lonnie married him in 1986, became the manager and ambassador of his brand in 1992, and began managing his philanthropic enterprises in 2006.