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Larry Bird
Here’s Why Larry Bird Dropped Out Of Indiana University
Before Larry Bird became a Celtics star, he went to Indiana University because his whole family was keen on him going to college. However, he was home after just 24 days.
Bullying, school work, and a lack of money all affected Bird’s decision to leave. He was shell-shocked by university life, despite the school’s reputation for basketball.
Initially, Bird was excited to go to Indiana University and meet legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight. Sadly, he was rudely treated by Knight and star player Kent Benson.
The basketball star was also intimidated by the school’s academic rigor and the number of students overwhelmed him. He often joked, “I ain’t no genius in school.”
Bird decided to drop out when he couldn’t pay a $60 bill for a bowling class. With only $75 in his pocket and no way to talk his way out of it, he packed up his things and left.
In his autobiography "Drive: The Story of My Life," Bird said his mother was furious. He signed at Indiana State University in 1975 and won the Celtics’ attention in 1978.