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Close up of Theodore Bundy, convicted Felon
How Was Ted Bundy Able To Get Away With So Many Murders?
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Few serial killers have exerted such a hold on the American psyche as Ted Bundy, the seemingly charismatic, steely-eyed murderer who managed to avoid detection for years.
Much of this was due to his good looks, which initially made Bundy easy to trust. It seemed inconceivable that someone as handsome as him could be capable of such brutal crimes.
This allowed him to trick police and his victims — whom he would also trick with deceptions, like pretending to be hurt. He also changed his look frequently to evade suspicion.
Bundy was also a respected college-educated law student and a Republican with good standing in the local community. This put him in a position to act as his own defense.
It is also true that Ted Bundy was able to claim so many victims due to major flaws in the handling of the murders and him as a suspect, including an escape from the law library.
In a damning indictment of the police's handling of the suspected murder, three of Bundy's victims were killed in brutal and deadly attacks that came after he had been recaptured.