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Content Warning
This story contains discussions of domestic and sexual abuse.
A Violent Father
In her early life, Elliott was subject to domestic abuse from her violent father — a situation so toxic that she would beg her mother to escape. Elliott revealed that her father once pulled a firearm on her mother in front of Elliott, threatening to kill her, while she begged him not to.
Abused As A Child
Elliott revealed in a 2011 interview that the biggest trauma of her life was being sexually abused at just 8 years of age by her cousin, who was twice her age at that time. She said that the traumatic experience has stayed with her, “Being molested [...] it don't disappear. You remember it as if it was yesterday."
Escaping Her Home
The 14-year-old Elliott and her mother, Patricia, left the toxic and abusive circumstances of their home with the help of sympathetic relatives when Patricia decided that it was time to leave Elliott’s father for good. Although the decision further worsened their financial condition, Elliott has no doubt that it was the right choice.
Worries About Credibility
Elliott didn't much care for school except for social purposes and making people laugh, so her aspirations and credibility suffered when a test revealed that she had a genius-level IQ. Her school made her skip two grades, ripping her from her social circle, and she felt, “That ain’t cool.”
Aaliyah's Death
The tragic death of the 22-year-old singer Aaliyah in a 2001 plane accident was a huge blow to her early collaborator, Elliott, who saw the R&B star as a sister. Elliott said in 2002, “Her death was a huge shock to me. It's only in the last month I'm coming to accept it a little."