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For centuries, the superstitious population has been obsessed with the prophecies and quatrains of the 16th-century French astrologer and soothsayer named Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus. According to the believers, his poems mention a few things that we may have to deal with in 2022.
A companion Sky History report states that a quatrain of Nostradamus references food shortage and predicts cannibalism — “So high the price of wheat/That man is stirred/His fellow man to eat in his despair.” Although we haven’t experienced famine in the U.S. yet, problems like inflation, supply-chain issues, and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused food shortages in some places.
Two more predictions by Nostradamus could point to a far worse fate for mankind. “The dry earth will grow more parched/And there will be great floods when it is seen" could refer to a nuclear winter, brought on by nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the line "Fire do I see that from the sky shall fall" could be an asteroid impact and the resultant effects on humanity.
Sky History notes that the prophet could have predicted Artificial Intelligence as he wrote, “The new sage with a lone brain sees it: By his disciples invited to be immortal,” which the publication views as a warning about AI. Such situations have already sprouted problems, like the fatal accidents caused by AI-driven Tesla cars.