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Richard Nixon with his two daughters, Julie and Tricia
Richard Nixon Has An Unexpected Connection To Dwight D. Eisenhower
History - POLITICS
Richard Nixon proved himself a loyal vice president to Dwight D. Eisenhower, but Nixon’s daughter’s marriage to Eisenhower’s grandson in 1968 made things complicated.
Nixon’s daughter, Julie, married Eisenhower’s grandson, David, in December 1968. Eisenhower was not thrilled the two were dating, but Julie’s charm eventually won him over.
The couple was 19 when they got engaged in 1967. Nixon counted on them to represent a traditional, clean-cut couple during his run for presidency in 1968.
When Nixon became president-elect, he lobbied his daughter to set a date after his inauguration and get married in the White House, but they instead married in December 1968.
After the wedding, David Eisenhower caused a minor "scandal" by joining the Naval Reserve instead of the U.S. Army, and Julie turned her attention to politics.
Neither of them became politicians or government workers. “We would never be elected today,” Julie told CBS, citing their moderate views compared to the modern Republican Party.
They have worked as authors, separately and as a team, and focused on philanthropic work throughout the years. As of December 2023, they will have been married for 55 years.