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Worcester Triple Murder, Friday 13th April 1973. David McGreavy, the "Monster of Worcester", impaled the bodies of his young victims on spiked garden railings at Gillam Street, Worcester, where he was lodging at the time. Paul Ralph, four, was strangled while his two-year-old sister Dawn was found with her throat cut. Their nine-month-old sister Samantha died from a compound fracture to the skull. Parents, father, Kenneth Ralph had gone to collect wife Dorothy, from a hereby pub where she worked. Pictured. Pictured. Victims, Paul, Samantha and Dawn with their mother, Dorothy. (Photo by Birmingham Post and Mail Archive/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images)
The Disturbing Way 3 Murdered Children Were Found By Their Parents
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This story contains descriptions of the murders of children.
On April 13, 1973, the world was shocked when a man named David McGreavy, also known as "The Monster of Worcester," was arrested after the brutal murders of three children. Known to have a serious alcohol problem, the 21-year-old ended up heavily intoxicated while watching 9-month-old Samantha, 2-year-old Dawn, and 4-year-old Paul, as their parents were out for an hour at a local pub.
McGreavy lived with Clive and Elsie Ralph and often took on childcare responsibilities for the couple while they were away at work. On the night of the murders, Samantha began crying, waking up her two siblings and agitating an intoxicated McGreavy, who slammed her against the wall, fracturing her skull and killing her. He then cut Dawn's throat and strangled Paul.
Later, McGreavy disposed of the bodies by impaling all three of them on a neighbor's iron fence railing. The murderer received multiple life sentences after his confession, but he was put up for parole and released from prison in 2019, with the parole board claiming he was a changed man after over 40 years in prison.