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Smiling Phil Hartman
The Horrific Crime Scene Of Phil Hartman
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Best known for his role on "SNL," Phil Hartman struggled with relationships — particularly the one with his third wife, Brynn Omdahl, which resulted in a shocking murder-suicide.
Hartman's friend and lawyer, Steve Small, told People that the night before their deaths, the couple had an argument related to Brynn's experiences with drug and alcohol abuse.
After the argument, Hartman went to sleep, expecting things to be fine in the morning. However, at some point before 3 a.m., Brynn found him in bed and shot him three times.
Brynn had taken the .38 caliber handgun from Hartman's safe. Two shots hit him in the head, while the third hit his right side.
Brynn fled the scene, confessed to a friend, and returned with that friend after he had taken away her gun. She locked herself in the master bedroom with Phil and shot herself.
According to the LA Times, both of the Hartman children were in the house when their parents died. Brynn's sister took custody of them, as stipulated in Hartman's will.