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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JUNE 14: Actor and DJ Kristian Nairn attends the Rave of Thrones comic con party at The Hustler Club on June 14, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for GR Management )
The Saddest On-Screen Deaths That Shook Us To The Core
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Leave it to Disney to fill every theater with the screaming tears of '90s kids all over the globe. These days, the traumatic sequence of Mufasa’s death is considered one of the most iconic deaths in film history, and it proves that epic tragedy is sometimes the key to successful children's entertainment.
Of the myriad deaths on “Game of Thrones,” Hodor’s demise still hurts the most. His death scene completely redefined his otherwise comical character: it's revealed that "Hodor" actually meant "hold the door," and that he'd known the whole time that he'd someday have to sacrifice his life doing just that.
John Coffey
The late Michael Clarke Duncan was a phenomenal actor, but he will always be remembered as John Coffey in the movie version of Stephen King's “The Green Mile.” Nothing compares to the heart-wrenching scene of Coffey’s execution, where he asks not to wear the black hood because he’s afraid of the dark.
Uncle Ben
Spider-Man already has one of the most profound character origin stories, but Sam Raimi’s 2002 movie somehow made it better by having Peter witness Uncle Ben’s death before his eyes. The entire movie relies on this scene working, and luckily, Cliff Robertson and Tobey Maguire knock it out of the park.
Seymour the Dog
In “Jurassic Bark,” widely called the saddest episode of “Futurama,” Fry tries to clone his beloved dog from the past, Seymour, before giving up. However, it turns out that Seymour hadn’t actually forgotten about his owner: to the contrary, he had waited day after day for Fry’s return until he died.