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Content Warning
This story contains discussions of physical and sexual abuse.
Violent Childhood
McConaughey revealed that he witnessed violent incidents as a child but never considered his parents to be abusive, although he acknowledged that others might perceive their actions as such. Although his approach as a parent is different, he emphasized the fact that whenever he was hit, he'd earned it and had been up to no good.
Difficulty Abroad
The actor faced a difficult time when he enrolled in an exchange program in Australia for a year. He didn't have friends or a steady paying job, nor could he get in touch with his loved ones and was forced to depend upon himself.
Abused as a Teen
The first time McConaughey experienced sex, it wasn’t pleasant, because the 15 year old was essentially forced into it as the subject of “blackmail.” He also faced abuse later as well, when he was 18 years old and was attacked by an older man.
Early Struggles
While starting out, he faced a number of rejections in the film industry and had to take up odd jobs to sustain himself. He tried to establish himself as a hand model after being told that he had "good looking hands” by a talent agent, and he also worked at a bar called Catfish Station.
Estranged from Mom
Matthew's mother, Kay, was dazzled by her son’s newfound fame, and the actor has said her obsession with his fame affected their relationship. Additionally, things he shared with her in private were revealed to the media, which caused a rift between the two for 8 years.