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Look into the distant light from inside the prison
The Truth About Jamison Bachman's Death
History - Science
Content Warning
This story contains discussions of suicide.
Imagine finding a roommate who seems kind and considerate, only to discover that they have hidden their true identity from you and are actively trying to take over your home for themself. This was the situation faced by the victims of Jamison Bachman, a notorious serial squatter featured on Netflix’s “Worst Roommate Ever.”
Bachman had long been in an intense rivalry with his brother Harry, whom he felt had received most of their father’s favor. After getting evicted from the house of his last victim, he beat Harry to death when the latter refused to house him.
Bachman was charged for first and third degree murder, but he hung himself in his jail cell before he could stand trial. Two of his victims, Alex Miller and Arleen Hairabedian, have expressed how they feel guilty about his death.