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MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 01:  Bob Ross instruction setup at When The Art Comes Down Miami Beach hosted by Super 8 on December 1, 2016 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Super 8)
The Untold Truth Of
Bob Ross
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Bob Ross’ Fro
Bob Ross’ afro was his trademark, but it was just a perm that he got to save money — and, he hated it! Since the afro became the logo for his company, Ross could never change it, and according to his business partner Annette Kowalski, “He was so mad about that. He got tired of that curly hair."
The PBS Show
While Ross achieved fame for his PBS show, it didn't help pay his bills because PBS — Public Broadcasting Service — is a nonprofit station. "People see you on television and they think you make the same amount of money that Clint Eastwood does," Ross once said, however, he did make money from teaching, and by selling books, his paintings, and painting system videos.
Bob Ross’ Son
The most frequent guest on “The Joy of Painting” was Ross’ son Steven, who certainly didn't look the part of a painter, but his technique was definitely on par with his dad. As of today, Steve keeps a low profile and doesn't have a lot to do with the Bob Ross empire — after an apparent falling out— but he still paints, as does Ross’ stepson Morgan Ross.
The Surprising Shrine
While the final episode of “The Joy of Painting” seemed like every other episode, little did anyone know that Ross had been battling lymphoma for years. A picturesque cemetery in the tiny town of Gotha, on the west side of Orlando, is home to Ross’ grave, where fans leave their own Ross-inspired works along with miniature animal figurines and paintbrushes to pay tribute to the artist.
The Immortal Fame
Bob Ross, somehow, is even more popular today than he was during his life and has become a go-to pop culture icon that naturally brings a smile to everyone's face when they see that familiar afro. Ross once again became a thing in 2018 when his likeness popped up in a super NSFW teaser trailer for Ryan Reynolds' “Deadpool 2.”