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Kate Bush en concert à Paris le 6 avril 1979, France (Photo by Jean-Louis URLI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
This Is How Much Kate Bush Is Making From The Running Up That Hill Resurgence
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With immensely popular albums like "Hounds of Love," "The Dreaming," "The Sensual World," and "Aerial," Kate Bush is one of the most beloved and influential British musicians of all time. Indeed, she topped the charts again in 2022 when her song “Running Up That Hill” was featured on the Netflix show “Stranger Things.”
Though it was featured throughout the show’s fourth season, “Running Up That Hill” played during a very pivotal and emotional moment for the character Max Mayfield in Episode 4, culminating in one of the biggest high points of the show. Fans started playing Bush's song on repeat on various streaming services, making it a No. 1 hit across the world for a week.
Bush herself has made multiple statements praising "Stranger Things" for its use of her work, and she feels moved that an entirely new generation is experiencing her music. On top of this, she will make at least £1 million from all of the streams, making it one of the most profitable moments of publicity in her career.
Bush has unusual control over her music — she owns licensing, publishing, and songwriting rights to the “Running Up That Hill” track, and thus most of the profits basically go to her bank account. In fact, she was taking in £250,000 a week at the height of the song's popularity, which might continue well into the future.