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Black and white photo of young Tony Costa
This May Have Been The Cape Cod Vampire's Motive To Kill
History - CRIME
On March 6, 1969, Antone “Tony” Costa was arrested and charged with the murder in the deaths of four women. He came to be known as the “Cape Cod Vampire.”
Liza Rodman’s true-crime memoir "The Babysitter" is based on Costa and reports that Costa was a brutal killer and necrophiliac, who savagely dismembered his victims.
According to "Helltown: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer on Cape Cod," Costa blamed an alter ego named Cory for convincing him to commit the crimes.
However, AETV reports that there were signs throughout Costa’s childhood that may have predicted his future killings, like an interest in taxidermy and hurting small animals.
In an AETV interview, author and journalist Casey Sherman shared that Costa was also dependent on his mother and suggested he may have felt an inappropriate attraction to her.
Sherman said that the relationship with his mother may have been projected onto his victims. However, the truth is unclear, as Costa never disclosed why he committed his crimes.