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Chester Bennington with his arm in the air
Tragic Details Found In Chester Bennington’s Autopsy Report
Content Warning
This article contains discussions of substance abuse, sexual abuse, and suicide.
Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was found dead by suicide in his California home in 2017. His autopsy report provides heartbreaking details about his final hours and life.
There was no evidence of foul play, but authorities found evidence that Bennington was drinking that night. The toxicology report notes a tiny trace of alcohol in his system.
The singer's body was found near an empty bottle of Stella Artois, a less-than-half-full pint glass of Corona, a bottle of prescription pills, and two bottle caps.
Although a blood test seemed to confirm that the Linkin Park singer had also taken MDMA, further testing indicated he was not on any drugs.
The autopsy revealed Bennington had a history of alcohol misuse, and suicide ideation and attempts. It says his wife told authorities he threatened suicide in 2006 while drunk.
TMZ says there was another 2016 attempt mentioned in the report before it was redacted. While the alcohol found in Bennington's system was minor, it reveals his alcohol use issues.
Bennington was candid about his drinking and drug use in interviews, and he frequently attributed his addiction issues to the sexual abuse he experienced as a child.
Bennington told Noise Creep his hit "Crawling" is about his substance use disorder. "[It’s] about feeling like I had no control over myself in terms of drugs and alcohol," he said.