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Alien Spacecraft approaching the coast at twilight
What A Former CIA Agent Has Said About Aliens
History - Science
Retired CIA officer John Ramirez made some serious alien claims when he said, "Aliens are real, aliens are here, and come 2027, something big is going to happen."
SyFy explains the short of Ramirez’s story is this: All recent UFO revelations and U.S. government alien document disclosure is meant to prime the public for deeper alien contact.
According to Ramirez, the old "policy of denial" regarding alien life has fallen by the wayside because if the public isn’t aware of aliens, "there will be mass panic."
There are also some bits in Ramirez's claims about DNA "enhancements" performed on humanity tens of thousands of years ago, as he discusses in a full interview on Podcast UFO.
He says various alien species were involved in this venture, including reptilians who are not actually lizard people but humans with "reptilian ancestry."
While Ramirez’s claim isn’t very specific, he did up the ante by claiming to have a physical altercation in his home with a reptilian that left him with scratches, per SyFy.
Despite Ramirez’s impressive credentials, there’s no real way to determine the truth of his claims. We’ll just have to wait until 2027 or so to find out.