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(Original Caption) Closeup of Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel. Photograph, 1931.
What Coco Chanel Was Doing In The Final Days Before Her Death
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Born on August 10, 1883, Coco Chanel rose from humble roots to create the luxurious French fashion house Chanel and revolutionize women’s clothing. Widely known for her ambition and work ethic, she was working on designs for her business up until her death at 87 years old.
In fact, Chanel was working hard to perfect her collection for a spring fashion show the day before she died, meticulously inspecting the details of every dress and button. Her staff was shocked at the news of her death because she had shown no signs of ill health, but one felt she wanted to get everything ready before passing away.
Chanel’s last collection was shown in public two weeks after her death, and the biggest names in the fashion world attended her funeral at the Church of Madeline in Paris on January 13, 1971. Today, her brand is still owned by the Wertheimer brothers, who are grandsons of one of her first business partners.