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A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam, November 8, 1963. (Photo by Keystone/GettyImages)
What Happened To Anne Frank's Best Friend Hannah Goslar?
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As told in the Dutch feature film “My Best Friend Anne Frank,” Anne Frank had a friend from before the war named Hannah Goslar. Frank referred to Goslar as Lies Goosens in her diary, later to be published as the bestselling “Diary of a Young Girl.”
Goslar lived near the Franks prior to the war and was sent with them to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. While there, she was able to maintain her relationship with Anne Frank, talking with her through barbed wire as best she could, before her friend passed away in 1945.
Goslar managed to survive the concentration camp, eventually moving to Israel with the help of Anne’s father, Otto, and her own memoir, “Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Girlhood Friend,” was published in 1999. Now in her 90s, she continues to talk about her experiences during World War II.