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Prison cell in Alcatraz seen form the inside
What Happened To Jamison Bachman From Worst Roommate Ever?
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Content Warning
This story contains discussions of suicide.
There are many terrible roommates on the Netflix show "Worst Roommate Ever," and one of them, Jamison Bachman, turned many simple living arrangements into deadly nightmares. He would use his legal knowledge to insert himself into people’s homes, thriving on the power play of taking over their property.
After getting arrested for assaulting his last victim, Alex Miller, Bachman was bailed out twice by his brother Harry, but Harry and his wife, Caroline, kicked Bachman out of their house due to his history of property theft. This was apparently the last straw for Bachman, who beat Harry to death, stole Caroline’s car, and fled to a nearby hotel.
The police arrested Bachman again, and he was charged for murder in December 2017, but he committed suicide in his jail cell. Bachman's death left conflicting emotions of guilt and anger in some of the victims he had tormented, but they can move on with their lives knowing he cannot infiltrate and steal anyone else's home.