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Mary Elizabeth Bailey's mugshot
What Happened To Mary Elizabeth Bailey After She Killed Her Stepfather?
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In 1987, when she was 11 years old, Mary Elizabeth Bailey killed her stepfather Wayne Wyers on her mother Priscilla Wyers’ orders. Bailey has had an interesting life ever since.
Although Bailey was put in foster care and her mother was sent to prison, the two reunited a decade later. Priscilla came up for parole in 1998, and Bailey moved back in with her.
Marushka Media claims their relationship did not fully heal. Although Bailey said that she has forgiven her mother, she had not seen Priscilla in decades at the time of the report.
Bailey went on to have a fairly normal life, earning a nursing degree and starting a medical uniform business, which she runs with her now ex-husband.
Bailey is passionate about sports and plans to start a foundation to help children struggling in the foster system. She now lives in North Carolina and is married to an attorney.
To heal from her childhood ordeal, she published her 2020 memoir "My Mother’s Soldier." Bailey forced herself to watch 30 VHS tapes of her mother’s trial that she was given at 15.
In the book, Bailey calls Priscilla "Veronica" because she doesn’t see Wyers as her mom. Bailey’s life story was made into the film "Would You Kill For Me? The Mary Bailey Story."