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Quentin Roosevelt on a horse
What Happened To Theodore Roosevelt’s Children?
History - Science
Content Warning
This story contains discussions of substance abuse.
Alice married Congressman Nicholas Longworth of Ohio and switched her focus from socializing to politics. She held salons in her home where leading minds discussed ideas.
Alice was an ardent supporter of American isolationism. She helped persuade the U.S. not to join the League of Nations and to remain neutral in World War II until Pearl Harbor.
Theodore Jr.
While serving in World War I, Ted was shot in the knee while suffering the effects of a gas attack. His brother-in-law, a doctor serving in the war, saved his life.
Ted then served in the New York Assembly as Assistant Secretary to the Navy, governor of Puerto Rico, and governor of the Philippines. When World War II began, Ted re-enlisted.
Besides publishing books about his travels, Kermit also served as a bank manager in Buenos Aires before joining the British Army in 1916 after the outbreak of World War I.
Kermit later founded a steamship company, but he was hit hard by the Great Depression and alcoholism. He was later discharged from the army during World War II due to alcoholism.
Ethel became a community leader in Oyster Bay, New York, working for the Red Cross and nursing service, volunteering at her church, and advocating for low-income housing.
Ethel also worked to secure the legacy of her family, mainly her father, by becoming a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, co-founded by her grandfather.
Archie worked with Sinclair Consolidated Oil Company, but he distanced himself after the Teapot Dome scandal and got into the finance industry.
When World War II began, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed Archie as an officer. Archie was made a lieutenant colonel, served with distinction, and got a disability discharge.