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What Really Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking Weed
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If you stop smoking marijuana after you have been using it for a long time, you will feel some mild, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms before you get the positive physical effects.
Marijuana withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, weight loss due to decreased appetite, headaches, and mental health effects like irritability, depression, and anxiety.
Insomnia and weird dreams may also come into play, but those symptoms are temporary. Eventually, you may see positive effects from quitting the drug.
These effects include motivation to focus on important aspects of well-being, such as relationships, work, school life, and health.
Your lungs may thank you too, especially if you tend to be a heavy smoker versus using edibles or any other non-smokeable means of ingesting marijuana.
As Jedidiah Perdue, M.D. told Integris Health, "Heavy use refers to daily or near-daily use of cannabis at an amount sufficient to lead to intoxication."
Those who stop using marijuana after heavy use or as a result of marijuana use disorder can expect the withdrawal symptoms to kick in one to two days after last using the drug.
The next stage occurs between two to six days, wherein the symptoms will grow in severity. However, within three weeks, the symptoms should lessen.