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What To Know About The Conspiracy Theory Surrounding Anne Heche’s Death
Content Warning
This story contains discussions of pedophilia and sex trafficking.
After actress Anne Heche was severely injured in a car wreck, she was taken off life support at an L.A. hospital. There are several conspiracy theories about her cause of death.
Some online conspiracy theorists say Heche was killed because of two movies she starred in — 2008’s "Toxic Skies," and the 2022 Lifetime movie, "Girl in Room 13."
Both movies seem to deal with topical issues common in QAnon conspiracy circles, which include theories of secret child-sex operations, and that the COVID-19 pandemic is fake.
Due to those starring roles, unconfirmed theories spread online that Heche was murdered in a cover-up or to suppress information she learned while those movies were in production.
Some conspiracy theories say the Illuminati pulled strings behind her accident or caused her death. Other conspiracy theories are fueled by footage from the scene of the car wreck.
KTLA reported that Heche was conscious when her stretcher was put in the ambulance after the accident, and at first, she was listed in stable condition before she fell into a coma.
On August 15, 2022, Reuters reported Heche was declared legally dead several days earlier but kept on life support. Despite conspiracies, her death was declared accidental.