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What Worst Roommate Ever Left Out About Jamison Bachman
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The 2022 Netflix show “Worst Roommate Ever” introduced audiences to Jamison Bachman, a man who inserted himself into tenants’ homes to terrorize them and eventually used legalese to chase them out. However, there were many important details about him that the show did not mention.
“Worst Roommate Ever” covers the stories of three of Bachman’s female victims, but not all of his victims were women. He also seemed to regularly target professional musicians, including Michael Oberhauser of Washington, D.C., and the oboe player Mark Gainer from Charleston, South Carolina.
In one instance, Bachman also scammed the Thornton-Donovan school — a private school in New Rochelle, New York — which he was hired to teach at in 2005. When the school declined to renew his contract, he refused to pay rent or leave the apartment the headmaster was letting him live in.
While studying at Tulane University in New Orleans in 1976, Bachman saw his fraternity brother Ken Gutzeit get fatally stabbed before his eyes. According to his childhood friend, the incident may have started Bachman down his dark path, but it is only given a cursory outline on “Worst Roommate Ever.”
Finally, the show only briefly describes Bachman’s greatest tool for finding and abusing his targets — his extensive legal training. Though he never passed the bar exam, Bachman studied law at the University of Miami and Georgetown University, where he was noted by his professors to be a rare talent.