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Noah praying in a field
What You Never Knew About Noah From The Bible
History - Religion
An Angel At Birth
The lost Book of Noah section of the Book of Enoch says that Noah was born with pure white skin and hair, and he had eyes that emitted blinding light like the sun.
After birth, Noah immediately spoke to God. His father, Lamech, was scared because his baby looked like an angel but was reassured by his grandfather Enoch that Noah was special.
What Noah Means
Genesis 5 implies that Noah's name derives from the Hebrew word meaning "to rest," or else a related word meaning relief and comfort.
Various rabbinical sources say Noah’s invention of wine was a relief from work, or that his creation of farm implements allowed the ground to bear good things and not just thorns.
Taught By Angels
Various texts on Noah, including the Book of Jubilees, say that Noah was instructed by archangel Raphael on how to use plants to make medicines and cure disease.
Raphael was sent to bind the demons who caused these diseases and help Noah and his people survive illnesses. Noah passed the cures down to future generations.
Noah’s Wife
The Book of Jubilees is the earliest source for the identity of Noah's wife. It says she is Emzara, the daughter of Lamech's brother Rake'el, making her Noah's first cousin.
The most widespread name for Noah's wife is Naamah, the sister of Tubal-Cain and a descendant of the murderer Cain. In the gnostic sect texts of the Mandaeans, she is Nuraita.
Life On The Ark
While on an ark that gave Noah and his family sanctuary during a flood, he didn’t sleep for a year. He and his sons spent all their time feeding the animals.
Further tradition says that the lions once got upset at Noah for being late with their food and bit him, causing him to walk with a limp for the rest of his life.