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(Original Caption) Charles Manson, 34, arrives at the Inyo County Courthouse December 3rd for a preliminary hearing on charges of arson and receiving stolen goods. The leader of a quasi-religious hippie group and four of his followers have been indicted for the August 9th murders of actress Sharon Tate and four other persons.
Whatever Happened To Charles Manson’s 3 Children?
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This story contains discussions of suicide.
Charles Manson, who was the founder and leader of the notorious Manson Family cult, is infamously known for his involvement in an estimated 35 murders, which included the brutal slaying of actress Sharon Tate on August 9, 1969. Although Manson referred to his followers as his "family," he also married two women and fathered at least three children.
Manson and his first wife had a son together, Charles Milles Manson Jr, who eventually changed his name to Jay White. White could never overcome the knowledge of what his biological father had done and died by suicide on June 29, 1993. "He couldn't live it down. He couldn't live down who his father was," explained White's son, Jason Freeman.
Manson’s second wife gave birth to their son, Charles Luther Manson, on September 24, 1960. Charles Luther, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, eventually changed his name and has managed to avoid any media attention over the decades.
Following his release from prison in 1967, Manson began dating Mary Brunner, who gave birth to a baby boy named Valentine Michael Manson (now Michael Brunner). When he was 18 months old, Michael was legally adopted by his maternal grandparents who raised him and attempted to cloak his identity to protect him from ridicule over his relation to Manson.
Unfortunately, Brunner's schoolmates eventually learned his true identity and subjected him to relentless bullying and threats to his life. While Manson wrote to his son on numerous occasions, Michael claimed he never read any of the letters; however, Michael also feels that his biological father’s crimes were “glorified and ... blown out of proportion.”